Base 25 - Supporting Young People in Shaping their lives

Working with schools

Base 25 provides a range of services for schools. These can range from group work programmes, workshops, counselling, interventions for individuals, youth workers, holiday programmes and after school activities.  We recognise that schools are diverse and have their own set of needs in relation to individual students and we want to help.  In addition to the services currently on offer, we can offer bespoke interventions and services for schools to help respond to the increasing demands posed by students as they transition through school life.  Base 25 is happy to explore partnership opportunities with schools to help design and develop ways to improve opportunities for students. There is usually a cost for these services and for more information please contact us to arrange for a Base 25 representative to discuss the individual needs of your school.

"What I like about Base 25 is that they haven't come in and delivered an 'off the shelf' programme, they have have put together a  programme to meet the needs of a group of girls based on the issues that we discussed and it has made a real difference"     Primary School Head teacher


"Base 25 have been more than an external organisation coming into school to deliver a service, they have become a part of the fabric of the school and continue to deliver innovation in how they work with our students"   High School SEND-CO

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