At Base 25 we recognise that young people face a lot of pressure and challenges during adolescence that can lead to their vulnerability.  This can result in them making negative decisions or engaging in risky activities that can result in them being groomed into affiliating with a gang.

There are lots of reasons why young people feel the pressure to join a gang, for some it is down to the need to belong, for others it could be due to the need to feel protected or safe, whatever the reason, the earlier the intervention, the easier it is to reduce the risk of gang involvement. Base 25 offers a number of programmes that support working with young people around the agenda for ending gang and youth violence.


What is iGirl?

iGirl (Inspire Girls) is a 10 week minimum 1-2-1  mentoring-based programme that encourages girls to explore their story.  The bespoke programme will be tailored to the individual needs of those involved that could include work around: confidence, self-concept, emotional health, exploitation, grooming, gangs, education and employment and communication through new technologies.  The focus of the work will incorporate protective behaviours, raising aspirations, confidence and self-esteem, decision making and other topical themes important to the women and girls involved that are impacted by, at risk or are involved in gang-related activity. The structured work will be followed by ongoing mentoring to support them as they progress towards exiting the programme. 

Who can access this project?

- Eligible for girls age 9-19

- Suitable for girls who are actively involved in a gang, a girlfriend or sister of a gang member or someone who is vulnerable to being affected by gangs.

- Suitable for girls who display offending behaviours, or actively involved with offending behaviour, difficult/concerning family conditions, lack of commitment in school, engaging with unhealthy peers, display vulnerable behaviours that could be exploited, lack of awareness for social issues and needs improved decision-making skills.

What is Clued Up?

(Exclusive to schools and organisations only)

Clued Up is an early intervention project, aimed to support a group of (approx. 6-8) girls via a range of prevention and intervention activities. The aim of this support is to build positive relationships in safe spaces that enable the girls to make positive choices which help them to reduce harm from external factors, and distance or remove themselves from such harm.


Through exploring the impact of 'Needs and Wants' and the 'Need for Belonging' as an underpinning theory, those that access the programme will be able to:

Describe how needs and wants can impact on self-concept,

Describe how needs and wants can impact with regards to being vulnerable to sexual exploitation,

Describe how needs and wants can impact with regards to differentiating between healthy and unhealthy relationships,

Describe how ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ can impact on girls and young women with regards to being groomed into gangs,

Describe how the need for belonging; and how ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ can impact negatively on how girls and young women can use technology,

Describe how the need for belonging; and how ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ can influence more informed choices for the future.


The Clued Up project is for schools and organisations only - this is a free service.


Download our free leaflet: iGIRL Leaflet.pdf (For professionals)

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