To make a referral

If you are a young person who would like to refer into one of our services or would like to refer on behalf of a young person, please fill in a Base 25 referral form and return to:

(Please include the service name followed by 'referral request')

OR, you can contact Base 25 directly over the phone or visit our Drop-In service.

Please note that some services do have a charge. To find out whether a service has a charge please refer to 'Our Services' and click the relevant service you are referring to.

Base 25 has an environmental policy and would request that referrals be made electronically to prevent the need to print.

What happens next?

When we receive your referral form someone will get in touch to let you know that you’re on the waiting list. We will contact you again to let you know when there is someone available to work with you.


All young people are entitled to confidentiality within the confines of their session at Base 25. Information will not be shared unless the young person has agreed to it. By maintaining confidentiality, this ensures that the young person can feel safe to share whatever they may need to without worrying what others might say or think. 

All Base 25 members of staff adhere to a code of ethics for their profession which includes keeping a client’s session private.

The only exception to this is where a staff member may have concerns over the safety of a young person or concerns about someone else’s safety due to something that has been shared. At the beginning of the sessional work a Base 25 worker will explain that in an instance where they deem the young person, or someone else, to be at significant risk of harm, they would need to share this information with the appropriate person. This could be a parent or carer, school or appropriate outside agency. The young person will be informed of this and included in the discussion as much as possible.

All staff are strictly bound by Wolverhampton Safeguarding and Child Protection procedures. For further information on confidentiality and information sharing please read our privacy statement.