Base 25 - Supporting Young People in Shaping their lives

Our Values

We start with young people; by understanding that they bring a range of experiences, qualities and        personalities.
We embrace young people’s diversity and individuality through working ‘with them’ rather than ‘for them’ or ‘doing to them’.
We use a creative process in our approach to engage and work with young people so that they feel empowered in reaching their true potential.
We develop meaningful relationships on a voluntary basis with young people to ensure we understand and meet their individual needs.
We come together to share experiences and ideas to develop ways of working that work for young people.

We are Base 25

The clip below was produced by Media Cove in 2009 to celebrate Base 25's 10 anniversary, it highlights young people and volunteer involvement:

Overall aim 

To support young people in Wolverhampton aged 11 – 25 in shaping their lives with targeted work with under 11’s

Specific aims 

· To improve the early identification of young people at risk                              
· To ensure that young people have access to relevant support
· To improve early intervention
· To ensure that services continue to meet the needs of the young people
· To increase confidence, self esteem and emotional resilience of young people
Areas of activity

· Provide open access drop in service  for young people
· Provide target support and specialised projects for young people
· Provide young people with a basic assessment of need
· Work in partnership with relevant organisations across the city
· Involve young people in shaping the services provided by Base 25
· To ensure the continued monitoring and evaluation of Base 25 services  


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